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The patient was treated of sarcoma

Klіnіka good, mind comfor. Be ready, schookh in the clan of trebati ... dovgo. The coordinators may forget about you, forget about your time for you, and you will be able to check in the hotel. There is a need for a pam "yatati and most of yourself to get rid of skin dermatitis !!! once. Transfer to the airport can be 5 years earlier, but you need it. People need лkut lіkuvats і stinky is not well in good condition and you can get them for you douzhe bolyuche. Requirement insist on your own and transfer the transfer. Cesenity, as required by the nobility.
About lіkarіv і klіnіku. Klіnіka on good rіvnі, lіkіr dosvіdchenі, in them є relevant statistics. Prescribe bagato obstezhen, do not make money. In us, the paradox is a scandal, they took a histology, 2 different analisies (leather is not cheap), and they didn’t put in the results of this diagnosis. In us dosvіd lіkuvannya sarcomi negative. Bagato tried him, ale positive nema
Positive dosvіd patsіentіv, yakі robili transplantation of the porcupine, їm there dosit shvidko znakhodili donor і good and іх suprovodzhuvali.

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