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The patient was treated of lung cancer

The trouble comes suddenly. I want to tell you how ordinary people helped me to survive, who came to my grief with participation. So, a blossoming woman, cheerful cheerful energetic, who has so many plans and dreams would have to go to the next world. When diagnosed in Ukraine, this is the case. But. People do not believe. if in time and good medicine in the world it is cured. Throw everything change, all that is for life. I turned to Bukimed. I was immediately called back and suggested where to go to be treated. This is an oncology center in Turkey, Anadolu, which is built by Americans ... works on American protocols based on their modern achievements and technologies ... Best oncologists, Turkey. I was lucky to be seen with the most important oncologist in Turkey. Medicine in Anadol is 100 orders of magnitude higher than ours. During the whole time I was accompanied by a team of support for translators headed by Gul Ababey. All household difficulties, transfers, daily delivery to the hospital and accommodation were included in the program. People are very polite and respectful. And most importantly, they are doctors so set up that you do not want, but will survive. There is confidence in the future. The main thing to live, and the difficulties are still ahead, treatment, rehabilitation, etc. Thank you very much to Christina (accompanying in Ukraine, which quickly organized everything.) I owe it to her very much.

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