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The patient underwent fue hair transplant

Good morning to you !!! I am answering your question. I was pleased with the services they offered me to meet at the airport, pick them up from the hotel and bring them back to the hotel, I am very pleased. I was also pleased with her translator. She provided me with tremendous support. But the work done specifically on hair transplantation, I can not say exactly yet, for example, the forehead is not equally made on one side of the bald patch above and on the other below. They justified it with a tumor, which supposedly the tumor will come down and will be the same afterwards, but the tumor has gone, and the difference remains, I am more pleased with eyebrows as I made channels according to Madame Sophia, but there are some gaps, but I expect that the hairs will grow and The skin will improve and it may change for the better. If the same difference remains on the forehead and gaps remain on the eyebrows, then I will go back and they will have to fix everything for me, but not at my expense, but for my own. So that's it, I'm all waiting. But in general, I do not regret anything, of course there is still pain, but I drink painkillers when it hurts a lot. And since I do everything as I was told. Thank you for participating too.

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