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Treatment of brain cancer in Israel: life-saving innovations


Patients often take the diagnosis of brain cancer as a verdict, however the situation does not correspond to the real situation in modern oncology.

Brain cancer treatment in Israel includes new methods of remote removal of tumors of microsurgery and effective combinations of chemotherapy. They increase survivability in certain types of brain cancer (oligodendrogliomas, ependymomas) to 85%.

The main difference between the approach of the Israeli clinics and cancer therapy in the CIS countries is the widespread use of radiofrequency ablation. The method allows to remove the tumor without direct brain surgery (often there is no need for craniotomy).

If the disease is widespread, microsurgical interventions are performed with support of online visualization by Da Vinci robotic assistants, that increases the curability and the five-year survival rate of patients.

TrueBeam™ Radiotherapy System eliminates brain cancer during (at the stage 1-2) for 100 seconds.

The device eliminates the foci of abnormal cells in the brain in less than 2 minutes, whereas most of similar radiosurgical devices require 10-30 minutes. Reduction of time of radiation exposure decreases the risk of healthy tissue damage or tumor displacement during the procedure.

In addition to speed, the TrueBeam System distinguish itself with accurate focus – the parameters of exposure are adjusted with an interval of less than a millimeter. The TrueBeam Radiotherapy System checks the position of patient, the movement of the beam, the irradiation dose for every 10 milliseconds.

Speed of visualization (X-ray method) is increased compared to previous models by 60%, while irradiation in the process of diagnostics take less than ¼ of the standard X-ray dose. The device of TrueBeam System is available in Assuta Hospital, Sheba Clinic, Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center and other clinics with developed neurosurgical direction.

Intrabeam Radiotherapy System provides an intensive irradiation of the tumor during surgery.

It is used in the USA, Israel and Europe since 1999 – and during this time the Intrabeam System has saved the thousands of lives. Oncosurgeon removes the tumor surgically, at the same time irradiating the new formation and other neighboring areas with the tumor. High density of ionizing radiation is safe for healthy brain cells as well.

The Intrabeam System reduces the relative risk of tumor recurrence in 2-3 times (destroying even the smallest foci of atypical cells).

The device is popular with Israeli neurosurgeons, as is easily integrated into the process, is well tolerated by the patients, significantly reduces the risk of recurrence, not damaging the surrounding tissues (that is one of the key advantages at brain tumor treatment).

The treatment of multiple metastases with brain cancer in Israel

This option has become available in regard to the software of the Brainlab Company (it is used in modern devices for radiofrequency ablation, in Assuta Medical Center, in particular). It helps to detect the purpose of exposure within several minutes, and automatically generates a surgery plan. Neurosurgeon only corrects the program according to the clinical situation.

Brainlab programmes calculate the radiation dose and its distribution. A special algorithm allows to eliminate up to 10 foci simultaneously.

The practical value of these programs is in their ability of a doctor to stop cancer spreading at a time.In some cases, it turns to be possible to achieve long-term remission in patients at the stage 3-B, 4-th of the disease.

Treatment of brain cancer is complicated by the risks associated with the positions of malignant formations, so all the new therapeutic developments in this area go through a long verifying process in certification authorities. The above-mentioned innovations of the TrueBeam and Intrabeam Systems in neurooncology are the targeted radiation sources which can save the patient from a complex surgery.

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