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Is there life after a stroke?


Stroke in a loved one seems worse than a death sentence. Years of life with paralyzed - a real test. Every day as the schedule:

  • changing diapers and morning toilet with basins;
  • feeding with a spoon;
  • massages from bedsores;
  • expensive drugs;
  • the joy of every minimal improvement of ...

Some can afford to hire a nurse, but more often to the patient for life tied someone from relatives. But whether such a scenario is required? Is there an alternative?

According to official statistics, in the CIS countries about 80% of stroke survivors remain disabled, of which one third can not serve themselves, therefore require constant care.

But in fact, people with stroke, can be restored at least to the level of self-service in 2-3 months. But the main condition - the beginning of a week of rehabilitation after a stroke. If we start rehabilitation in a month, then the recovery will take at least a year. With such obvious statistics, only 15-20% of patients after a stroke are undergoing rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation doctor of international patient support center Bookimed, Svetlana Kalinichenko will tell us about how should the relatives of patient with stroke act.

Is it possible to restore the patient's health by using only drugs?

It should be understood that the restoration of human resources can not be by using solely medication. Return to the patient's life is only possible by systematic rehabilitation.

There are a lot of videos on the network with examples of activities for rehabilitation, can I provide it at home without doctors?

Work of relatives with patient at home is a huge plus, which will accelerate the rehabilitation, but rehabilitation must be coordinated by doctors. Not even one person but the whole multidisciplinary team. If patient lost his speech and swallowing abilities, we need a special speech therapist. If the limbs are paralyzed, then a physiotherapist and rehabilitation specialist are connecting to the work. Occupational therapist teaches the person to care for themselves. Neuropsychologist helps patient to perceive their condition and adapt.

Due to what happens the patient rehabilitation after stroke ?

The concept of neuroplasticity is on the basis of the recovery process - the ability of the human brain and its cells to adapt to new conditions. When stroke happens, the blood circulation failure is taking place in certain cells, and they die. After that in process of rehabilitation other cells begin to assume the functions of dead cells. When patients condition is satisfactory (without complications), rehabilitation is recommended to start on the second day after a stroke.

An important point is an early verticalization of the patient, in modern clinics for this purpose, a special bed-standing frame is being used. Then the patient begins to sit, and then learns to walk again.

Long horizontal position causes a huge number of complications:

  • bed sores;
  • problems with the respiratory system;
  • the appearance of contractures (stiffness in the joints).

The longer the patient is lying - the harder to put him on feet.

What determines the success of rehabilitation?

A number of factors influence the effectiveness of rehabilitation:

  • the severity of the patient's condition;
  • early start of rehabilitation;
  • age of the patient (age slows down the recovery process);
  • duration of rehabilitation (rehabilitation can be carried out even the whole life of the patient);
  • participation and family support (doctors teach them how to rehabilitate the patient's at home);
  • positive attitude of the patient;
  • the quality of the rehabilitation program (multidisciplinary approach is very important).

In addition, after the rehabilitation, it is important to build a life: Add grab bars in the bathroom, to reorganize the space of the house so that people could make by their own the most of things.

Where better to provide rehabilitation?

It is better to choose rehabilitation centers , depending on the disorders after stroke and, of course, the price policy.

Choosing a center, it is necessary to pay attention to:

  • experience of work with patients after stroke (many rehabilitation centers are more like a sanatoriums);
  • availability of standardized patient assessment scales, to monitor closely the trend of improvements;
  • modern equipment - for example, in foreign centers they have innovative robotic devices for rehabilitation (Locomat, exoskeleton, etc.);
  • the presence of a multidisciplinary team.

What would you advice to relatives of people who have had a stroke?

Do not give up! You can make the life of a loved one much better. Ask your doctor about the possibilities of rehabilitation.

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