How much does treatment cost abroad?


Why is it worth going for treatment abroad?

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), about 50 million people go abroad for treatment annually. The reasons why a patient goes for treatment abroad are innovative therapies and low prices.

The most popular destinations for patients are Israel, Germany, Turkey, India and South Korea. The quality of medical care in these countries is at a high level. The price policy is different. When choosing a country and a clinic for many patients, the issue of cost is primary. We will compare the prices of treatment in the most popular countries among medical tourists in this article.

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Cost of treatment abroad








Breast cancer treatment

from €14,000

from $9,400

from $7,000

from $8,000

from $3,500

Hip replacement

from €17,000

from $17,700

from $8,800

from $12,500

from $7,500

Stomach cancer treatment

from €24,000

from €25,000

from $15,000

from $16,000

from $10,000

Artificial insemination (IVF)

from €7,300

from $5,070

from $2,900

from $5,500

from $5,500

Bone marrow transplant

from €120,000

from $69,000

from $37,000

from $50,000

from $30,000

How much does treatment cost in Germany?

German clinics are in demand among patients with oncological, urological, neurological, and orthopedic diseases. The prices for medical services in Germany are higher than in Turkey, India, and South Korea.

Approximate price
Prostate cancer treatment €11 000-23 000
Removal of brain tumor from €15,000
Hip replacement from €17,000

German hospitals use the unified register of prices which are revised twice a year. The Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Medical chamber control it.

Н German hospitals work on deposit terms. Doctors examine medical records and calculate the estimated cost of diagnosis and treatment. The patient pays 100% of prepayment to the clinic account before coming there. If at the end of the treatment, the final cost will be lower than a deposit, a clinic returns the difference.

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How much does treatment cost in Israel?

Patients choose Israel for breast cancer, melanoma, infertility treatments, removal of benign tumors of the brain and spinal cord.

Approximate cost
Breast cancer treatment from $10,000
Removal of melanoma from $6,000
Artificial insemination (IVF) from $5,500

Israeli hospitals accept patients without preliminary payment. Pediatric oncological diseases can be exceptions. Parents who want to treat a child in Israel, they have to pay a deposit.

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Cost of treatment in Turkey

Medical tourists go for treatment to Turkey to treat leukemia, Parkinson’s disease, a bone marrow transplant. The price for medical services in Turkey is 30% lower than in Israeli and German clinics. Turkish doctors work according to the same protocols as specialists in Israel and Germany.

Approximate price
Bone marrow transplant from $50,000
Kidney transplant from $25,000
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) from $35,000

Clinics in Turkey work without a deposit. The cost includes charges for transfer and interpreter.

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Cost of medical services in India

Popular specialties in Indian countries among international patients are urology, gastroenterologist, orthopedics, oncohematology, transplantology.

One of the main advantages of treatment in India is a low price level. The difference between prices for procedures in Indian or European countries is 50-70%. The low price does not influence the quality of medicine. Doctors with experience in American and European hospitals perform the treatment.

The level of service in India is lower than in Turkey, Israel, and Germany.

Approximate price
Lung transplant from $60,000
Hepatitis B treatment from $3,000
Bone marrow transplant from $30,000

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Cost of treatment in Korea

Hospitals of South Korea are attractive for the patients, especially in the field of plastic surgery. The cost of treatment is 20-30% lower than in Europe.

Approximate cost
Stomach cancer treatment from $17,000
Rhinoplasty from $6,000
Breast augmentation from $8,000

Medical centers work via 100% deposit payment. Transfer, interpreter and coordinator services are paid additionally.

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Additional charges abroad

Patients who go for treatment abroad have to be ready for extra charges. After a diagnostics, treatment plan and cost of treatment may be changed. Sometimes doctors recommend prolonging a hospitalization. Planning a budget in the case of any situation is necessary.

How to raise money for treatment abroad?

If your financial abilities do not allow you paying for treatment in a foreign clinic, you can collect money. Raising of funds is carried out through:

  • social networks;
  • radio;
  • TV.

For help, you can contact charity funds at your place of residence or the Ministry of Health of the country. For more information on how to collect the required amount, click here.

Planning treatment abroad, you need to focus not only on the price policy of the country. The decisive factors in choosing a clinic should be the statistics of the clinic and the qualifications of the specialist.

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