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Bookimed checks the invoices for treatment abroad for free



A lot of patients initially try to get into foreign clinics on their own. In result they get an astronomical bill and complete bewilderment. What's the matter? The direct way had to be much cheaper! There are three possible reasons.

Why the price is too high

Firstly, in an attempt to get to the foreign clinic on his/her own, the patient could find an agent, pretending to be a representative of the medical institution or even a doctor.

Secondly, some clinics charge up prices for foreign patients.

Furthermore, the patient does not have his/her own vision of a complete picture of what is happening in the medical tourism market: sometimes two different clinics in the same country may give different prices for the same protocol of treatment.

That is why we have decided to inspect the cost and provide the patients with a realistic idea of the cost of diagnosis and treatment in clinics abroad.

How do we do it?

  • We have our own database of unique offerings from clinics around the world and we know exactly what and where they are doing better.
  • Bookimed personally applies to the clinic, receives an individual treatment program for each patient based on the results of a council of physicians.
  • And only then we share with you the received information about the actuality of the formed prices.

Patients stories

A child from Russia, 4 years old, ICP

Three months ago we were asked by the boy's mother (4 years-old) with ICP. The patient from the city of Makhachkala (Russia), but the family has been living in Austria for a long time. Initially the parents were trying to apply to the Austrian clinic by themselves, but unsuccessfully: the child wasn’t examined without any reason (perhaps, the reason for refusal was the necessity of doing MRI under general anesthesia).

Then the parents decided to try the treatment in Israeli clinics. The boy's mother contacted the Israeli representative of the clinic in Austria and some time later received an offer of 12 thousand dollars for a diagnostics that is unreasonably high expense for such medical services. Doubting the actuality of this amount, the parents appealed to Bookimed to check up the price.

As a result of our inspecting the proposed program, its expert analysis, and checking for a match between the declared prices and real ones, it was found that price is doubled, as the actual price amounted to 6,200 dollars.

The result is in saving 5,800 dollars (almost half of the amount) for the treatment!


Svetlana from Batumi, thyroid biopsy

During the examination of Svetlana from Batumi, there were found some abnormalities in the thyroid gland. And to put the correct diagnosis, the biopsy was needed. The patient applied to Acibadem clinic in Turkey by herself. For the required procedures she had to pay the price the clinic had given amount to 10,000 dollars. This amount does not fundamentally arranged for the patient, and she decided to consult the International patient support center Bookimed.

Ekaterina, doctor-coordinator from Bookimed told Svetlana that amount was too high and suggested the patient an alternative option of Medipol Clinic in Istanbul. After appeal to the clinic and obtaining an individual treatment program, Svetlana got the new price: the total cost for the biopsy and consultation of a doctor was only 1,750 dollars.

In the result the patient saved 8,250 dollars (80% of the cost of treatment)!


Each patient may receive a free check of the treatment cost at any clinic abroad within just a few days!

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