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Отзыв написал Vyacheslav G., 2 december 2014.

Оценка: 8 из 10.

Since childhood I have been wrestling, constantly practicing, and eating right. During the competition I noticed that I began to see worse. At times I saw clearly, but sometimes not. I immediately applied to University Hospital of Düsseldorf. After all, it is especially hard to find an ophthalmologist who is a really good professional. My coach praised the hospital and not just for that reason. It is clean, cozy, and quiet. The quality of service is at the highest level. The operation was successful, the retina was placed back. Now I see perfectly again and train with less intensity as they requested. Thank you.

The University Hospital in Dusseldorf
The President`s Office Building 16.11 Universitätsstrasse 1 40225 Düsseldorf, Dusseldorf
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Diana 782 days, 2 h., 6 min. ago
«We got to Regional Hospital of North Estonia when we were treating our daughter from leukemia. Thanks to all clinic staff who were directly involved...»
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