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Отзыв написал Marina and Yuriy, 18 november 2014.

Оценка: 8 из 10.

Liv Hospital gave my husband and I a chance to finally have a baby. We arrived at the hospital together. My husband stayed in a hotel, and I stayed in a cozy room in the hospital. A full-panel examination was fast. I was very impressed by the equipment of the hospital, which is far more advanced than our counterparts. The doctor was very competent, and didn’t postpone the artificial insemination. After the procedure, I stayed in hospital for about a week. Now I'm 8 months pregnant, we are expecting a boy. We would like to thank the entire staff of the clinic which helped us.

Liv Hospital
Ahmet Adnan Saygun Cad. Canan Sok. No:5 PK: 34340 Ulus / Besiktas, Istanbul
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Alina 782 days, 4 h., 47 min. ago
«When I was pregnant I was told that I couldn’t go without craniotomy. It is when the fetal head can not pass through the birth canal and may be...»
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