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Ilana Itzhakov
Доктор. Стаж: 10 лет
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Фото Ilana Itzhakov

Ilana Itzhakov

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  • Position: Доктор
  • Experience: 10 years

Dr. Ilana Itzhakov is an endocrinologist at Ichilov Medical Center (Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center).

Education and Medical Practice:

  •  National University (USA) in 1988 Faculty of Medicine;
  •  Ichilov Medical Center (1996) Residency: direction - Therapist;
  •  Ichilov Меdical Center (2006) Residency: direction - Endocrinology.

Field of activity:

  •  Chronic adrenal insufficiency;
  •  Thyroid disease;
  •  Diabetes;
  •  Diabetes in children.

The clinical experience of Dr. Ilana Itzhakov is more than 10 years, during which she helps many patients in the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases.
In addition to the medical practice Dr. Itzhakov  involved in studies of the endocrine system, develop new treatments.

Dr. Ilana Itzhakov is a member of specialized medical associations.


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