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Using Bookimed, 183 patients received individual treatment program in The Rudolfinerhaus Private Clinic

Why Rudolfinerhaus Hospital is one of the leading centers in melanoma treatment?

Rudolfinerhaus applies the unique method of melanoma treatment, i.e. cryotherapy to destroy the neoplasms by the dosed low temperatures. The cryosurgery treatment methods were upgraded by the hospital experts and the new methods were developed that brought this method to an incredibly efficient level.

The originality of the hospital is Russian-speaking medical staff and the opportunity to invite the personal doctor for the patient who is to provide the treatment during the whole time of the stay at the hospital. The personal doctor may expect the advisory assistance of any specialist of the hospital anytime.

What are the melanoma diagnostic methods at Rudolfinerhaus?

One of the skin tumor diagnostic methods is

  • dermatoscopy, i.e. skin examination by the optical increasing device to detect the suspected skin parts;
  • infrared radiation microscopy (confocal imaging) to detect the affected depth and tumor progress stage;
  • radioisotope body scanning;
  • invasive diagnostic methods, i.e. excision and incision biopsy;
  • methods of visceral affection diagnostics, incl. CT, MRI, PET and isotope scanning.

What is the cost of melanoma diagnostics at Rudolfinerhaus?

The total cost of the diagnostics starts from 3,500 USD.

What are the melanoma treatment methods at Rudolfinerhaus?

The patient is immediately sent to surgery for the suspected skin part resection, when the hospital experts detect the melanoma. One-two cm of the healthy skin surrounding the melanoma is to be resected as well.

The patients suffering the localized disease with no evidence of distant metastases have the surgery on full initial melanoma removal. The treatment may include chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy along with the tumor surgical resection.

Every medication is prescribed for certain time, usually for several months or more, depending on the reaction of the patient. Several biologically active medicines are being clinically tested and might be offered as the alternative treatment for the patients of the hospital.

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