Treatment in Turkey

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Advantages of treatment in Turkey

  • 43 clinics are accredited by international commission. There are only 5 accredited clinics in Germany and 3 in Israel.
  • The cost of treatment is 20-30% lower compared with Israel, Germany and the USA.
  • Advanced technology. The latest medical equipment and modern methods of diagnostics and treatment are widely used in Turkish clinics.
  • No waiting period to get necessary examination and treatment.


  • Oncology and neurosurgery. Antalya - Medical Park is one of the best cancer centers in Europe and the world.
  • Fertility treatment. Clinics of Turkey offer a wide range of assisted aeproductive aechnologies including IVF and ICSI, embryo and sperm cryopresevation, intrauterine inseminations (IUI), ovulation induction etc.
  • Ophthalmology. The best European and American equipment are used in Turkish hospitals.

About treatment in Turkey

Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital is renowned thanks to continuous service of foreign patients, during which used biomedical technological equipment and qualified personnel of the hospital.
Universal Hospital Group consists of 11 hospitals with accredited ISO, TUV and JCI. Employees of Medical network focused on service quality and comfort of patients.
Marmara University Hospital is working in the University for 3 years and is available for booking on Bookimed.
Cost of treatment in Turkey and other countries
  Turkey Israel Germany Austria India
Removal of a herniated disc from 20000 to 25000$ from 30000 to 40000$ from 35000 to 50000€ from 35000 to 50000$ from 10000 to 15000$
Tumor Marker Blood Test from 300 to 600$ from 450 to 700$ from 500 to 800€ from 500 to 800€ from 200 to 400$
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction from 4500 to 5500$ from 6500 to 12000$ from 10000 to 15000€ from 13000 to 15000€ from 2500 to 3500$
Tumor Marker Blood Test from 300 to 600$ from 450 to 700$ from 500 to 800€ from 500 to 800€ from 200 to 400$
Description Services prices
Prices on services of the clinic
from 2900 to 3500$
Rhinoplasty (Nose job) from 2800 to 3500€
Ethica Health Group is a large complex of healthcare institutions in Turkey where the patient is provided with a wide range of esthetic and general medical services. Each hospital of the network accepts patients from all over the world ensuring high quality of medical services, comfortable conditions and accordance to the European standards of medical ethics which has key importance for plastic surgery. Ethica Health Group Hospitals provides a free consultation exclusively to Bookimed patients.

Metabolik Cerrahi is one of the best clinics in the field of metabolic surgery. It is headed by the famous surgeon Alper Celik. The Рospital is situated in the European part of Istanbul, 30 minutes from the International Atatürk Airport. Thus, its location is very convenient for transfer. For last 6 years Metabolik Cerrahi practices treatment of type 2 diabetes through standard as well as newly developed metabolic surgeries. Innovative operations (Ileal Interposition и Transit Bipartition) are especially effective for 2 type achrestic diabetes. Such techniques are used only by several hospitals in the world. More than 4,000 patients have undergone their treatment at Metabolik Cerrahi. 92% of them have successfully got rid of diabetes, overweight and hypertention (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, sleep apnea (breathing disorder) and other metabolic problems.


Romatem Center was founded in 2005 and over the past decade has become a network of clinics specializing in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. To day, has Romatem is located in 5 Turkish cities. Romatem has got a high-tech robotic equipment and uses the latest techniques in rehabilitation of patients with different diseases and injuries. The center cooperates with many major Turkish hospitals.

Description Services prices
Prices on services of the clinic
Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy from 20000 to 25000$
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