Treatment of breast cancer in Turkey

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Using Bookimed, 591 patients received individual program for treatment of breast cancer
What is the cost for breast cancer treatment?
Good 8.8
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 10
Popularity of the clinic 8

LIV Hospital Oncological Department specializes in the diagnostics and treatment of all types of cancer. There is the whole range of modern equipment, including MRT, CT, PET-CT, TrueBeam ST and others in the department. It is through the use of a linear accelerator LIV Hospital TrueBeam ST cancer patients get the exact dose of radiation directed to the affected cells and tissues. TrueBeam ST visualization is very important in the treatment of lung cancer, breast cancer, spinal or prostate tumors. Software Acuros XB, for the first time in Turkey, was applied in LIV Hospital. It calculates more accurately and quickly the amount of radiation dose than other systems. All these factors extremely reduce the period of treatment and minimize the chance of spread of the tumor.

Reviews (17)
Not so long ago, my parents came back from Turkey, where my mother was treated. She was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. We were trying to find some treatment in Ukraine but it turned out that only the cyber knife system could help her. In Ukraine, there is only one place that has it, and it’s very expensive. We asked Liv Hospital for help... Read full review
Good 8.4
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 7
Popularity of the clinic 8
Medipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi - photo
523 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 523 patients received individual treatment program in Medipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi
Timely response of a clinic 9/10
Doctors’ qualification 9/10
Technical equipment 9/10
Service and comfort 8/10
Popularity of a clinic 8/10

Why is Medipol Mega Clinic considered as the leading center in breast cancer treatment?

The top professionals of Medipol Mega Clinic strive to select the treatment method that most likely eliminates the risk of recurrence and metastasis when starting the breat cancer treatment.

Professionals of various fields, such as: oncologists, oncologic surgeons, reconstruction surgeons, chemotherapists, radiologistsare, are involved into the treatment.

Medipol Hospital provides 25 individual schemes of breast cancer treatment, based on patient's genetic features, age, condition etc.

What are the methods of breast cancer diagnostics in Medipol?

The following diagnostic procedures are held in order to develop the plan of breast cancer treatment:

  • Physical examination;
  • Obligatory genetic testing (DNA and RNA tumor cells study);
  • Analysis for the sensitivity to certain hormones;
  • FISH examination in case of hyperexpression Her2/neu (i.e. fluorescent hybridization in situ);The Oncotype DX and molecular testings;
  • Biopsy and PET-CT are held by stereotactic method to get the tissue for examination from the smallest and most inaccessible tumors under ultrasound, CT or MRI control.

What is the cost of breast cancer diagnostics at Medipol Oncological Center?

The total cost starts from USD 2,500. You may get the price for treatment and diagnostic procedures on Bookimed websiteright now!

What are the breast cancer treatment methods in Medipol Hospital?

The basis of the successful breast cancer treatment in Medipol Hospital is the comprehensive approach that includes the following methods:

  • Organ preserving surgery alongside the maximal breasts preservation or radical surgery followed by breast reconstruction;
  • LIAC, i.e. radiation therapy innovative device TRUEBEAM STx (IMRT, IGRT, Gated RT, Rapidarc, SRS and SBRT);
  • Chemotherapy;
  • Targeted therapy;
  • Radiation therapy by last generation linear accelerators;
  • Radioembolization and radio frequency ablation of metastases;
  • Chemoembolization;
  • NanoKnife.
Reviews (8)
My close family relative was diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia a year ago at age of 26 and he needed a bone narrow transplant as the very last option to save his life. This procedure is not available in Ukraine and we spent weeks searching for the most affordable clinics with a good reputation. On January 12th, a few minutes right after visiting... Read full review
Memorial Healthcare Group - photo
534 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 534 patients received individual treatment program in Memorial Healthcare Group
Timely response of a clinic 8/10
Doctors’ qualification 9/10
Technical equipment 10/10
Service and comfort 8/10
Popularity of a clinic 10/10

Why do patients with breast cancer choose Memorial Hospital to treat breast cancer?

Memorial Oncological Center provides any kind of breast cancer treatment with the highest efficiency and safety. There are only few oncological clinics worldwide, where the most advanced technologies are successfully applied and medical professionals of the highest qualification operate (i.e. clinical oncologists, oncologic surgeons, reconstruction surgeons, chemotherapists, radiologists) to fight the cancer and tumor metastases. 97% of breast cancer patients recover if the disease was diagnosticated at an early stage in Memorial Hospital.

Methods of breast cancer diagnostics in Memorial Cinic

The diagnostics is held by the modern diagnostic equipment:

  • General and biochemical blood tests;
  • PET-CT (Positron Emission Tomography combined with CT);
  • 3D MRI;
  • CT with low-dose radiation, scintigraphy and other equity tests;
  • 3D ultrasound.

According to the worldwide oncologic standards, Memorial Hospital provides the Oncotype DX testing under certain stages of breast cancer. The biopsy is held by the stereotactic method TRU-CAT, i.e. Image guided biopsies, to provide tissue for the study of the smallest and most inaccessible tumor formation.

Cost of breast cancer diagnostics in Memorial 

The total cost of diagnostics starts from USD 2,600. The examinations may be varied regardless the breast cancer stage, the volume of performed tests etc. Get the price for diagnostics and treatment on Bookimed website.

What are the breast cancer treatment methods in Memorial Hospital?

The following methods are used for breast cancer treatment in Memorial Hospital:

  • Organ preserving surgery along with maximal breast preservation, and radical surgery followed by simultaneous or delayed breast reconstruction;
  • Chemotherapy with the latest protocoles and chemotherapeutic agents;
  • Targeted therapy;
  • Various hormonal treatment programs of early and unresectable cancer stages;
  • Radiotherapy in the most advanced linear accelerators;
  • Radioembolization and radiofrequency ablation of metastatic lesions;
  • Interventional radiotherapy;
  • Intra-arterial chemotherapy and chemoembolization;
  • The brand new method of non-surgical treatment, i.e. Nano-Knife ablation.

Breast cancer treatment in Turkey

Breast cancer is epithelial neoplasm, which is formed of glandular tissue (ducts or lobules) of the mammary gland.

In case of late treatment of breast cancer, death is observed in 50% of cases.

Лечение рака груди в Турции

Causes and risk factors 

Symptoms of breast cancer

Classification of breast cancer stages

Breast cancer diagnostics in Turkey

Breast cancer treatment in Turkey

Rehabilitation and prevention of breast cancer recurrence

Cost of breast cancer treatment in Turkey

Only in Turkey

  • Turkey is a country with the biggest number of hospitals (48 hospitals) with Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCI) - worldwide acknowledged quality standard.
  • The cost of modern treatment of breast cancer is by 20-30% lower than the same treatment in Germany, the United States or Israel.
  • The ability to timely and promptly go ahead with examination or treatment, omitting the stage of preliminary waiting (quick review of documents, visa, in case of emergency it is possible to travel for the treatment on the second day).
95% of survival cases in early breast cancer treatment.
In 70% of cases breast tumors are removed by organ sparing surgery.

Causes and risk factors

Genetic studies have shown that breast cancer is a hereditary disease (the result of mutations in the genes BRCA1 and BRCA2). Therefore, the treatment program in Turkey includes a genetic test for mutations, which reduces the risk of recurrence in many times.

Among the risk factors of breast cancer are the following:

  • No pregnancy and childbirth in anamnesis;
  • Hormone therapy (COC);
  • Relatives with oncopathology;
  • Early onset of menstruation (before age of 12);
  • Malignant diseases of the reproductive system (ovarian cancer);
  • Late onset of menopause;
  • obesity;
  • Smoking;
  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Diabetes.

Symptoms of breast cancer

Breast cancer is a type of disease that actually have no symptoms at its early stages.

Warning signs for a malignant tumor growth suspicion include:

  • Asymmetry (breast reduction or enlargement);
  • Induration in the gland;
  • Swelling, wrinkling of the skin around the nipples;
  • Any discharges from the nipple;
  • Skin sloughing, erosions, scales;
  • The increase in the axillary or supraclavicular lymph nodes.

Without treatment the tumor captures new tissues (muscles of the chest, subcutaneous tissue). Penetrating into the lymph nodes, the cancer cells with lymph current fall into other organs: liver, lungs, and brain.

Classification of breast cancer stages

Stage I of breast cancer

Stage II of breast cancer

Tumor size is less than two centimeters, there is no regional lymph node invasion. The probability of post 5-year remission is 85%.

Tumor size is between 2 and 5 cm, regional lymph nodes are involved (in axillary creases). There are no distant metastasis. 5-year remission occurs in 66% of cases.

Stage III

Stage IV

Tumor size is more than 5 cm, atypical cells invaded into neighboring tissues of mammary gland. Atypical cells are invaded into surrounding breast tissues with no distant metastasis.  is achieved in 41% of cases.

Tumor size is more than 5 cm, all gland is affected, including axillary, hilar, subclavian lymph nodes. Distant metastasis appear in vital organs. 5-year remission is possible only in 10% of cases.

According to such indicators of curability, thanks to an innovative approach and the qualifications of doctors, Turkey is among the top five leaders in the treatment of breast cancer in the world.

Breast cancer diagnostics in Turkey

Diagnostics of breast cancer in Turkey can be divided into two types: primary and specifying.

The first screening examination

The main task is to identify primary changes in the gland (examination by oncologist, surgeon, senologist and endocrinologist), followed by consultation.

Clarifying instrumental and laboratory tests

Diagnostic tests for breast cancer visual representation include:

  • UI, i.e. ultrasound imaging of the chest and armpits;
  • Mammography, i.e. an informative test to diagnose any formations, mastopathy, fibroadenoma, the tumor localization;
  • Ductography is a method of assessing the state of the milk ducts by introducing a contrast agent;
  • MRI is an early detection of pathological changes that cannot be visualized by other methods, determine the degree of tumor spread;
  • CT, PET of the chest and abdomen to detect metastases.

Laboratory diagnostics:

  • Genetic test for the detection of specific gene mutations;
  • The histological (biopsy) and cytology biopsies (puncture or surgical specimens).
  • The test for tumor markers.
  • Immunohistochemical test to determine the sensitivity of the tumor to hormone therapy and chemotherapeutic agents.

The cancer treatment program in Turkey includes the differential diagnostics of malignant breast tumors with following conditions:

  • Dishormonal disorders (gynecomastia, breast, mammalgia);
  • Benign tumors (lipoma, fibroadenoma, intraductal papilloma);
  • Acute suppurative mastitis.

Breast cancer treatment in Turkey

  • Minimally invasive surgery by means of robotic technology CyberKnife, Gamma Knife;
  • Organ-preserving and radical surgeries with the possibility of single-stage or reconstructive plastics;
  • Cancer treatment with cytostatic and cytotoxic drugs;
  • Hormone therapy (if tumors are sensitive to reсeptors);
  • Immune targeted therapy (drugs acting preferentially on tumor cells);
  • Radiation therapy (the use of ionizing radiation both contact and distance).

Treatment of patients with breast cancer of 1 stage:

  • Organ-preserving lumpectomy (removal of the tumor with axillary lymph nodes);
  • Cryolumpectomy (tumor is freezed by cryoprobe, followed by removal through a small incision);
  • Postoperative adjuvant therapy (hormonal, chemotherapy, radiotherapy);
  • The adjuvant targeted therapy (the presence of HER2 hyper-expression).

Treatment of the 2nd stage of breast cancer:

  • Partial lumpectomy (including regional lymph nodes), or radical mastectomy are mandatory (method is chosen depending on the type of cancer);
  • Adjuvant cancer therapy (before and after surgical treatment for tumors more than 5 cm);
  • Possibility of reconstruction plastic breasts with endoprosthesis after mastectomy.

Treatment of the 3rd stage breast cancer:

  • The cytotoxic therapy and hormone treatment (the prostate removal is appointed if there is a good effect);
  • Contact radiotherapy;
  • Palliative radical mastectomy is assigned to patients with tumor necrosis or abscess with following chemo- and radiotherapies.

If tumors are hormone-sensitive, Aromatase Inhibitor receiving is appointed, tumors with HER2 expression are treated with monoclonal antibody drugs.

Treatment of the 4th stage:

Therapy of complex forms of cancer with distant metastases is consists of such palliative methods: a combination of a blood transfusion, a mastectomy with a comprehensive anti-tumor, radiation and hormone therapies.

Patient’s testimonial on the treatment of breast cancer in Turkey

Around 3 years ago my younger sister was diagnosticated with breast cancer. We were advised to go to Turkey for treatment, but it took some time to take our chance. As it turned out, the clinic is one of the best in the world by European standards. Various cancers at various stages are being treated here. Equipment is only American. We noticed the high level of doctors’ professionalism of immediately. We passed different examinations and tests and were told what treatment can be applied. Specifically in our case, the latest chemotherapy drugs ware carried out. That's already 3 years have passed since we heard that terrible diagnosis, and there are no recurrence."

Marina, Moscow

Rehabilitation and prevention of breast cancer recurrence

  • Individually chosen scheme of psychological and social adaptation with the participation of oncologists, psychologists, nutritionists and sociologists;
  • Reconstructive plastic surgery for breast reconstruction.
  • Preventive measures to detect recurrence include regular examination by mammalogist, mammogram is recommended every six months.

Cost of breast cancer treatment in Turkey

  • Treatment in Turkey corresponds to the quality of German clinics and Israel, with the price lower by 30%;
  • The pricing policy depends on the individual program for each particular patient;
  • Turkish oncologists are some of the world leaders in the treatment of breast cancer, while their fees for the work are several times lower than their Israeli and German colleagues.
Cost of treatment of breast cancer in Turkey and other countries
  Turkey Israel Germany Austria India
Tumor Marker Blood Test from 300 to 600$ from 450 to 700$ from 500 to 800$ from 500 to 800€ from 200 to 400$
Fine 7.6
Timing of response 4
Doctor's qualification 8
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 7
Popularity of the clinic 9
Acibadem Health Group - photo
879 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 879 patients received individual treatment program in Acibadem Health Group
Timely response of a clinic 7/10
Doctors’ qualification 9/10
Technical equipment 9/10
Service and comfort 7/10
Popularity of a clinic 10/10

Why is Acibadem Hospital considered as one of the leading center in breast cancer treatment?

Acibadem Hospital is a recommended medical center for various procedures requiring advanced technologies and experience. The Сlinic has 7 cancer centers (i.e. surgery, radiation therapy/surgery, chemotherapy).

The 5-year survival rate increases to 96% if the diagnosis is determined at the early stage of disease. The leading professional of radiation cancer treatment in Acibadem Hospital is Prof. Dr. Enis Özyar – world-class doctor, who has held treatment of hundreds of patients suffering from breast cancer at  various stages, successfully practicing the brand new radiation therapy methods.

What are the methods of breast cancer diagnostics in Acibadem Hospital?

Acibadem Clinic carries out the following procedures for breast cancer diagnostics:

  • Professional physical examination;
  • Detailed laboratory blood test (incl. tumor markers);
  • 3D mammographic screening;
  • 4D ultrasound;
  • MRI, PET-CT;
  • Tumor and lymphnode biopsy.

What is the cost of breast cancer diagnostics in Acibadem Hospital?

The total cost starts from USD 2,500. The diagnostics takes from 2 to 4 days. The examinations may be varied depending on the stage of the disease and affection. Clarify the price for treatment and diagnostic procedures on Bookimed website.

What are the breast cancer treatment methods in Acibadem Hospital?

The most efficient method of the 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th stages of breast cancer are:

  1. Lumpectomy – organ preserving surgery, when the tumor is removed along with only a small part of the surrounding tissue.
  2. Radical mastectomy – tumor removal together with breast.

There are two main surgeries, such as modified radical mastectomy (i.e. tumor is removed together with all mammary gland and axillary lymph nodes tissues) and simple mastectomy (i.e. no lymph nodes resection).

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are held along these treatment methods (i.e. LIAC, innovative device TRUEBEAM STx – perfect combination integrates modern methods of radiotherapy, such as IMRT, IGRT, Gated RT, Rapidarc, SRS and SBRT). Cyberknife and Gammaknife are applied as well.

Excellent 9
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 10
Popularity of the clinic 8
Anadolu Medical Center is a combination of the US treatment level with Turkish affordability and geographical proximity. The Center of Health includes various divisions: a multi-specialized clinic, a rehabilitation center, a medical school and a research laboratory. This hospital is very attentive to each patient and has the highest level of staff response.
Reviews (20)
Of course I thank my wife, even though she is young, but she probably loves me. After all, that was her who more than a month hammered into my head her mantra like a prayer that the operation must be done in Turkey. And she gained her end. I honestly do not regret, and even happy that she did. Firstly, it is not so expensive, and secondly, the... Read full review
Review on treatment of lung cancer in Turkey
Medicana Hospitals Group - photo
186 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 186 patients received individual treatment program in Medicana Hospitals Group
Medicana is a modern health-care organization which follows world’s standards of treatment. Its physicians employ innovative techniques, explore the new ones and implement them into practical activity after a number of serious researches. Medicana Hospitals conduct more than 30,000 angiographies per year and show impressive results in cardiosurgery.
Yeditepe University Hospital - photo
166 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 166 patients received individual treatment program in Yeditepe University Hospital
Yeditepe University Hospital is a multidisciplinary medical center created on the basis of Turkish medical university in Istanbul. The clinic includes 15 highly-specialized centers and is one of the largest in the country. It performs different types of organ transplantations for both children and adults. Yeditepe is known for its rigorous attitude towards cleanliness and is going to open the first in the world completely antibacterial hospital this year.
Medical Park Hospitals Group - photo
204 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 204 patients received individual treatment program in Medical Park Hospitals Group
Medical Park is complex of the leading hospitals in all the Mediterranean Region where famous professors of Sciences, and the Department of Oncology and Transplantation equipped with technologically advanced equipment, such as a linear accelerator or positron emission tomography (Pet) are working.
Florence Nightingale Hospitals was accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and ISO, guarantees a high level of medical services.
During 35 years Kadikoy Sifa Hospital  is providing services in the medical field at the highest level. The main areas are gynecology, IVF, endocrinology, oncology, orthopedics.
Reviews (11)
I had pre-existing heart conditions. I was very scared when the valve in my heart had to be replaced. When I arrived to Kadıkoy Sifa hospital, it was explained to me that there was nothing to worry about. The diagnosis and the surgery were successful. In general, I liked everything. I liked how everything was organized: there were no queues, the... Read full review
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