Treatment of alcoholism in Republic of Korea

We`ve found 2 specialized clinics for private treatment of alcoholism

What is important to know about the treatment of alcoholism?

  • Alcoholism and alcohol abuse - are not the same thing. Accordingly, these two issues need a different treatment approach.
  • Alcoholism involves a mental disorder, so treatment should be comprehensive and consist not only of drugs but also include the correction of personal changes.
  • Medical treatment of alcoholism consists of two stages: the prevention and treatment of withdrawal syndrome and its complications and supporting (anti-relapsing) therapy.
  • Since the decay products of alcohol are included in the metabolism, alcoholism treatment takes a long time because doctors need to remove toxins to break the chemical chain.
Using Bookimed, 83 patients received individual program for treatment of alcoholism

Dasarang uses unique medication based on oriental herbs and auriculotherapy

  • Why should one choose Dasarang for alcoholism treatment?
  • Diagnostics and treatment of alcohol dependence in Dasarang Clinic
  • What is the cost of alcoholism treatment in Dasarang Central Hospital?

  • Why should one choose Dasarang for alcoholism treatment?

    Dasarang Global Alcohol Clinic is the only highly specialized clinic in South Korea for the treatment of alcoholism and the consequences of alcohol abuse. Dasarang Doctors successfully cure alcohol addiction for more than 10 years with the combination of traditional and eastern approaches to treatment.

    Diagnostics and treatment of alcohol dependence in Dasarang Clinic

    Diagnostics of alcoholism and the effects of alcohol abuse includes:

    • basic (general and biochemical blood and urine tests, chest X-ray, ECG, Sasang - consultation with a psychologist, Palgang - computer reflexodiagnostics of internal organs, Maekjingi - heart rate study with Oriental approach);
    • additional (ultrasound of abdominal organs, atherosclerosis diagnostics, EEG, MMSE - test for the presence of alcoholic dementia);
    • Premium (gastroscopy with sedation, densitometry).

    Diagnostics is performed on an outpatient basis alongside with the primary treatment.

    Selection of further treatment program is based on the diagnostics results, depending on which after 3-5 days the patient either returns home with medications for maintenance therapy or will be hospitalized.

    In addition to traditional medicine, patented medications based on oriental herbs and ear acupuncture are used in the treatment.

    Chungganhaeju-hwan - unique medication developed by Dasarang doctors, which is able to restore the damaged cells in the brain and liver, reduce withdrawal symptoms and protect the body from the effects of alcohol toxins while taking it in conjunction with alcohol. Effectiveness is proved by clinical studies.

    What is the cost of alcoholism treatment in Dasarang Central Hospital?

    Diagnostics and treatment cost from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 for 3-5 days, depending on the selected program.

    During hospitalization 1 day of treatment costs about $ 300.

    For more information about treatment programs, as well as calculation of the individual cost of treatment, please contact Bookimed Medical Coordinator.

Severance Hospital - photo
362 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 362 patients received individual treatment program in Severance Hospital
Severance Hospital is a leading international multidisciplinary clinic at Yonsei University, located in Seoul South Korea. Yonsei University Health System includes a network of hospitals: oncology and rehabilitation centers, pediatric and women's clinics, cardiovascular center and Clinic of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology. Severance Hospital differshighly educated professionals, high-tech equipment, the computerization of the entire system of patient care and quality service.
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