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My diagnosis, pituitary adenoma, was made 2 months ago, and I was told that I needed to start treatment urgently. I was looking for a suitable place for it on the Internet. University Hospital in Krakow seemed to be just like that. I contact the clinic and asked ig they treat my disease. We agreed on the time of my arrival. I was met, and thanks... Read full review
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1 request for today
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229 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 229 patients received individual treatment program in Clinic Bocian

Why do gynecologists recommend the IVF at Bocian Center for Reproductive Medicine?

Bocian Center for Infertility Diagnostics and Treatment has worked since 2006. By virtue of the experts of the center, over 2800 children were born. The newest equipment has been installed for diagnostics and IVF procedures.

One of the best Polish experts in fertility work here, such as Beata Stasiewicz-Jarocka PhD and Karol Ratomski PhD. Many doctors are certified by ESHRE international standard, they take part in the topical conferences, their articles are published in the scientific journals.

What are the tests appointed to prepare for IVF at Bocian Center for Reproductive Medicine?

  • Examination and consultancy by the gynecologist and medical geneticist
  • Pelvic ultrasound; contrast-based multi-slice CT or MRI diagnostics if required
  • Genetic mapping in case of complicated family anamnesis
  • Detailed blood and urine testing
  • Pregnancy tests (after the procedure)

What is the cost for IVF at Bocian Center for Reproductive Medicine?

Selection of infertility treatment and the volume of diagnostics depends on the certain clinical case. Bookimed company provides the full information on prices for diagnostics and IVF at Bocian Center for Reproductive Medicine. Order the individual treatment program with exact pricing!

Methods of IVF at Bocian Center for Reproductive Medicine

  • Classic procedure is the insemination of the ovule in laboratory conditions. The received embryo is developed for certain time and is transferred into the uterus afterwards. The basic IVF is offered for the couples with normal parameters of spermatozoids and ovules
  • If the sperm is of a bad quality, IVF is transformed into ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) method. This means the additional microscopic manipulation when the healthy spermatozoid is injected into the ovule
  • The method of screening and selection (IMSI) is held to control the spermatozoids quality during ICSI. It significantly increases the efficiency of IVF under male infertility.
Matopat  hospital is a private clinic, which was formed in 2001. This institution is located in Poland, in the city of Torun. The clinic meets the modern international standards, in 2004  it was awarded the ISO 9001: 2000.  
KCM Hospital (KCM Clinic) - is a leading private hospital which is located in a beautiful quiet town - Jelenia Gora in Poland. Surrounding nature of the city, mountain landscape, the park and hot springs promote healing and restoration of mental health. Hospital KCM meets all European standards and offers a wide range of medical services of high quality in the areas of medicine such as: plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, dentistry and aesthetic medicine.
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Vitaliy 738 days, 5 h., 13 min. ago
« My diagnosis, pituitary adenoma, was made 2 months ago, and I was told that I needed to start treatment urgently. I was looking for a suitable place...»
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