Replacing the hip joint in Lithuania

We`ve found 3 specialized clinics for private replacing the hip joint
Using Bookimed, 198 patients received individual program for replacing the hip joint
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271 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 271 patients received individual treatment program in Medical diagnostic and treatment center
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1 request for today

Why do the orthopedists recommend the hip joint replacement at Kardiolita medical center?

The medical center has perfect indicators of prosthesis survival, as no cases of contagious complications have been recorded yet. Kardiolita doctors provide all kinds of surgeries for the hip joint. The experience of the majority of the surgeons goes up to 20-35 years, as the doctors carry out about 200 surgeries on joint replacement per year. The world-class experts work here, such as Prof. Narūnas Porvaneckas MD and Sigitas Ryliškis MD PhD.

The qualitative prostheses of US, German and French production are implanted that guarantees tens of years of functioning without any revision required.

What are the diagnostic procedures prior to hip joint replacement at Kardiolita medical center?

  • Detection of the bone tissue density by densitometer to define the osteopenia or osteoporosis stage, which is important while selecting the type of prosthesis
  • X-ray or ultrasound of the joints and surrounding soft tissues
  • Doppler scanning of the related zone
  • Contrast-based MRI and CT appointed under the complicated clinical cases, i.e. tumors or blood vessels abnormalities
  • Testing of the blood, urine and joint capsule liquid

The price for hip joint replacement may depend on various factors. Clarify the price for joint hip replacement, including the diagnostics price-list by Bookimed website!

What is the procedure of hip joint replacement at Kardiolita medical center?

  • Conduction anesthesia (the patient is conscious). The general anesthesia is applied if any psychological discomfort (agreed upon) arises
  • The surgery takes 40-60 min
  • The newest designs of the implants are used. The following friction pairs are applied: metal-plastic, metal-metal, ceramics-ceramics produced in Germany, US and France
  • The patient can walk on the next day after the surgery under the normal condition of the muscular system
  • Rehabilitation period includes the instructions on usage of the prosthesis
1 request for today
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