Traumatic brain injury in Israel

We`ve found 8 specialized clinics for private traumatic brain injury
Using Bookimed, 16 patients received individual program for traumatic brain injury
Loewenstein hospital Rehabilitation center - photo
57 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 57 patients received individual treatment program in Loewenstein hospital Rehabilitation center
95% of the patients with TBI leave the hospital on their feet

Methods of rehabilitation

  • Locomat complex  - a computerized system that helps patients to recover their walking skills and allows to adjust this process in real time;
  • Posturograph - device for training of the balance skills of patients with brain injuries;
  • Rewalk - newest robotic system. It allows to move even completely paralyzed people. The system includes an exoskeleton, and the clock, which allows to adjust the speed of movement;
  • Medi-touch - computer complex, consisting of a special glove that detects movements of the fingers (arms, wrist, or elbow), and transmits them to the computer screen. During the game restores motions in the joint;
  • Anti-gravity - is a system for the recovery of walking skills. It is used in the rehabilitation of patients after traumatic brain injury who are unable to hold their own weight;
  • Game console "Wii Fit" - is a game console for the rehabilitation of people who can not stand. It allows them to strengthen muscles, develop coordination and quick reaction.

Over the last decade, about 70% of patients with brain injuries regain consciousness.

Cost of rehabilitation

Price per day in hospital ranges from 900 to 1500 dollars and depends on the length of stay of patient in the center, of the initial diagnosis and the intensity of training. It includes food, accommodation, nursing care and all procedures.


Get a rehabilitation program with the estimated cost by contacting with the doctor-coordinator of Bookimed.

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Israeli rehabilitation center for the children  Beit Izzy Shapiro has been around for 35 years and during that time the unique methods of therapy have been developed in the center, which are used in rehabilitation throughout the world. Beit Izzy Shapiro takes care of children up to 14 years with various developmental disabilities. More than 30 thousand patients a year undergo rehabilitation here.
Good 8
Timing of response 6
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 6
Popularity of the clinic 8
Sheba Medical Center - photo
328 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 328 patients received individual treatment program in Sheba Medical Center
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Sheba Hospital Rehabilitation Centre is designed for 800 patients and offers a full range of physio-psychological recovery. The main rehabilitation areas are the following: spinal cord traumas, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease, postsurgical rehabilitation after traumas and mental disorders.

Schneider Center for Children Medicine - photo
138 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 138 patients received individual treatment program in Schneider Center for Children Medicine
Schneider Children's Medical Center it is international medical center in Petah-Tikva, which takes children with any disease and health problems. It is a leader in variety of medical directions. Owing to highly qualified personal, who surround the care of young patients and carry through maximum effective treatment, reviews of this clinic are full of sincere gratitude.
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Elisha Hospital in Israel (Haifa) is one of the best private multidisciplinary hospitals in Israel, which provides services in all medical fields at the highest level, both Israeli citizens and foreigners.Elisha Medical Center is located in a central area in the city of Haifa, located on the Mediterranean coast, was founded in 1935, and throughout its long history of existence enjoyed an impeccable reputation among patients.
Meir Medical Center - photo
59 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 59 patients received individual treatment program in Meir Medical Center
Meir Clinic is one of the leading medical centers in the Israel. It is located in Kfar Saba. The hospital is part of a larger complex Sapir. Hospital provides a range of treatment and diagnostic services, but is best known it received thanks to advances in the field of spine surgery and treatment of diseases of the lungs. Bookimed provides for you opportunity of treatment without intermediaries in this medical center.
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