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  • How to discover the thyroid cancer
  • Methods of treatment of thyroid cancer
  • Who treats the thyroid cancer?
  • What is the cost for diagnostics and treatment?
  • Surgical Oncological Department of HELIOS University Hospital of Germany is the key unit in the area of oncology of hormone-producing organs.

    How to discover the thyroid cancer

    Before defining the appropriate treatment program a set of essential diagnostic investigations is accomplished:

    • Laboratory analysis: thyroid hormones, antibodies, tumor markers;
    • Ultrasonography of the neck area;
    • Scintigraphy of the gland;
    • Fine-needle puncture biopsy with aspirate cytology.

    Methods of treatment of thyroid cancer

    All kinds of thyroid tumors, excepting highly-differentiated carcinomas, require surgical resection of the tumor/gland and subsequent (chemo-)radiotherapy. Therefore, the treatment of thyroid cancer is held on the collaboration of 2 medical branches: Endocrinal Surgery Unit and Clinic for Nuclear Medicine.

    Radioiodine ablation: radioactive iodine (131I) is implemented to patient orally in capsule. Iodine atoms are accumulated only in thyroid cells and due to β-radiation inhibit the thyroxine-producing activity, which allows to get rid of metastases as well. A small part of γ-radiation is also present, that is why this manipulation needs to be carried out under strict supervision of attending physician.

    The operations may be performed as standard or minimally invasive. During the entire operation neuromonitoring is held to save the vocal cord nerve.

    Who treats the thyroid cancer?

    Every single case engages the Head of the Endocrinal Surgery Clinic (Klinik für Endokrine Chirurgie) Prof. Dr. med. Cornelia Dotzenrath, who obtains the diploma of the European Board of Surgical Qualification and the Chief of Nuclear Medicine division (Klinik für Nuklearmedizin) Dr. Marco Tosch, who was endorsed as outstanding radiologist by FOCUS® Magazine.

    What is the cost for diagnostics and treatment?

    The cost for complex care treatment to completely resolve thyroid tumors is approximately 10,000 Euros. The price contingents on the kind of malignancy and complicacy of treatment.

    To receive personalized care plan with counting the exact cost right now, just leave request and doctor-coordinator of Bookimed center will call you back with full information.


Why are Vivantes Medical Centers some of the best on cancer treatment in Germany?

The treatment of cancer in Germany means the good chances to save lives of many patients from all over the world. Vivantes medical network is one of the largest medical groups in Europe, having four Departments of Oncology, admitting over 14,000 patients from all over the world annually. The modern equipment, the advanced diagnostic and treatment methods, as certainly high-qualified experts in oncology with many years of experience guarantee the efficient treatment of cancer. Vivantes Spandau, one of the biggest centers of oncology in Germany, is in the number of the medical centers of Vivantes.

What are the treatment methods of oncologic diseases applied at Vivantes Medical Centers?

Vivantes centers of oncology apply the modern equipment for diagnostics and treatment of the patients suffering from the latter cancer stages. The medical centers provide:

  • MRI
  • PET-CT
  • Biopsy
  • Blood testing for tumor markers
  • Chemotherapy
  • Transfusion medicine
  • Biological therapy
  • Hormonal therapy
  • CyberKnife
  • Radiotherapy
  • Substitutional therapy
  • Palliative therapy
  • Immunologic therapy
  • Aspirational cytology etc.

Who are the oncologists at Vivantes Medical Centers?

Over 100 professional doctors provide the treatment of oncologic diseases at Vivantes Medical Centers. The treating doctor is consulted by the group of expert colleagues while working with every patient, resulting in unique efficient treatment program for the patient. One of the leading oncologists in Germany Prof. Ernst Spät-Schwalbe has managed Spandau Medical Center since 2001.

What is the cost of cancer treatment at Vivantes Medical Centers?

The cost for treatment of various kinds of cancer is significantly lower at Vivantes Medical Centers in Germany in comparison with Switzerland, Great Britain or the USA. By virtue of Bookimed website, patients from all over the world can pay for the medical services without any agents directly to the account of the Clinic. You can get the treatment program including the pricing now!

Good 8.6
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 8
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 9

Why Solingen Clinic is recommended to the patients with cancer?

Solingen University Hospital (located at International University of Cologne) uses innovative protocols of chemotherapy, reducing the risk of recurrence and improves drug tolerance. Wide usage of radiosurgery and endoscopy make patients recover more quickly and leave less cosmetic defects after surgery.

Oncology Service is headed by Dr. Peter Emshermann, the world-known oncosurgeon. There are narrow specialists (oncosurgeons and chemotherapists) for tumors of any origin and localization.

Integrated oncology diagnostics in Solingen

  • High-field MRI (of 1.5 T capacity) capable of detecting a tumor of the size of 1 mm;
  • PET-CT and MSCT allow oncologists to find metastases in any place of the body;
  • ductography, mammography, breast ultrasound are used for rapid diagnostics of breast cancer;
  • biopsy, including evaluation of sentinel lymph nodes for determination the type of tumor and treatment tactics;
  • determination of tumor markers, analysis of biomedical measurement
  • biochemical analysis of indicators of cellular blood composition, urine and liquor.

Main types of medical aid in Solingen Oncology

  • pancreatic head resection including preservation of the spleen and the pylorus;
  • resection of tumors of the gastrointestinal tract
  • surgical treatment of malignant tumors of the thyroid and parathyroid glands;
  • liver cancer and biliary tract cancer surgeries;
  • basal cell carcinoma removal, surgical treatment of squamous cell carcinoma;
  • rapid diagnostics and removal of melanomas and potentially malignant naevi;
  • treatment of cervical and uterine cancers;
  • all types of mastectomy with simultaneous breast reconstruction;
  • radiofrequency ablation of brain tumors by means of the CyberKnife system.

What is the cost of cancer treatment in German Solingen Clinic for foreign patients?

In Solingen Clinic, a foreign patient pays as much as a German citizen does. Only few medical institutions in Germany conduct the same price policy in relation to patients from other countries. The rest of the hospitals offer medical tourists the prices, that can differ even in times. Find out the exact cost of cancer treatment in the clinic of Solingen right now by ordering an individual treatment program at the International patients support center Bookimed.

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin - photo
1422 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 1422 patients received individual treatment program in Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Treatment of cancer pathology is performed in seven Charite Clinics united into one integrated Charite Comprehensive Cancer Center. Center is under the direction of Professor Ulrich Keilholz is one of the most famous and respected oncologists in Europe. The Centre includes the most innovative and professional modern equipment for the treatment of cancer, such as CyberKnife, linear accelerators, etc. Accurate diagnosis, individual approach to each patient and medical case allow disclosing the early stages of oncology, making each procedure or operation unique, quality and corresponding to the highest world standards.

Reviews (10)
Very attentive doctors, and sympathetic atmosphere))) My Ophthalmologist is just great, he worries about me as I am his daughter))) I can call any time and he will always explain everything))) I'm very, very happy!!! Good luck to you in choosing the clinic and the doctor who will help you to achieve the desired result!!! I was diagnosed and my... Read full review
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Excellent 9.2
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 9
The Asklepios group of hospitals - photo
322 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 322 patients received individual treatment program in The Asklepios group of hospitals
Asklepios is a prestigious Germany largest network of private clinics that offers high quality service to patients and covers virtually all areas of medicine from ophthalmology to dentistry. Quality and introduction of innovative technologies allow the company to play a key role in the health sector and own several certificates from world-famous organizations, such as Cooperation for Transparency and Quality in the Healthcare Sector (CTQ), DIN-EN-ISO 9001:2000, JCI and European Foundation for Quality Management. The company's mission – “Unity for Health” - makes it possible to develop the company for over 30 years.
Medical Center of the University of Munich - photo
779 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 779 patients received individual treatment program in Medical Center of the University of Munich
Ludwig-Maximilians University Hospital of Munich is one of the largest German medical centers, which integrates specialized clinics of European level.
Reviews (15)
My best friend was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach three years ago. He was operated on anyhow. They tried to cheat on drugs. When we asked them what was wrong with the stitches they said that he had only 2-3 days to live. Thus the sum for the operation and was no laughing matter. As a result he had an incisional hernia in his stitch. When... Read full review
The University Hospital in Dusseldorf - photo
346 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 346 patients received individual treatment program in The University Hospital in Dusseldorf
Heinrich Heine University Hospital is a medical research center that includes 30 medical institutes and clinics and employs more than 5 000 doctors and medical specialists. 
Reviews (8)
I worked at the company with constant contact with chemicals. When I got my diagnoses, there was no hope for recovery or living further. Then my daughter sectretly sent my test results to Düsseldorf University Hospital. They were quickly ready to help us. The surgery was successful. I did not expect my case to operable. Thank you for my life,... Read full review
University Clinic in Freiburg - photo
259 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 259 patients received individual treatment program in University Clinic in Freiburg
The University Medical Center Freiburg is the German teaching hospital famous for its history and authority.
Reviews (10)
My ears have been chink in my armour since childhood. When I was diagnosed with otitis, I wanted to get treatment in a cozy and comfortable place. I was looking for something inexpensive and suitable for me. The fact that I also know German very well was taken into consideration. So I chose the Medical Center- University of Freiburg. I was fine... Read full review
Review on treatment of otitis in Germany
Medical Center Rechts der Isar  - photo
303 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 303 patients received individual treatment program in Medical Center Rechts der Isar
The university hospital Klinikum rechts der Isar is the biggest multidisciplinary specialized center in the world.
Dortmund Clinic - photo
73 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 73 patients received individual treatment program in Dortmund Clinic
Dortmund Hospital has a good reputation in Europe, where employs the best specialists and statistics of convalescence shows excellent results annually.
Reviews (14)
I know inflammation of adenoids is not so uncommon. But I was very worried about my child. When the question about the surgery came up, I immediately decided to do it at the Dortmund Clinic. My good friend’s son was also operated on there with the same diagnosis. In fact, she recommended the Clinic to me and told me about the procedure. I would... Read full review
Review on treatment of adenoids in Germany
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