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Breast cancer treatment centers in Germany

We`ve found 40 specialized clinics for private treatment of breast cancer
Using Bookimed, 530 patients received individual program for treatment of breast cancer
Excellent 9
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 9

Why do the patients select Solingen Medical Center to treat breast cancer?

There is the Department of Senology, which is fully engaged into the breast cancer treatment issues. The famous German oncologic gynecologists work here, such as Sebastian Hentsch MD and Martin Peters MD.

Solingen is the University Medical Center. The newest methods of the oncologic pathologies treatment as well as the chemotherapy schemes of the highest efficiency are applied here.

The Medical Center applies the modern radiotherapy equipment by virtue of the powerful technical provision using the latest MRI, CT and mammography devices.

What are the diagnostic procedures of breast cancer in Solingen Clinic?

  • Mammary gland ultrasound
  • Chest X-ray, mammography and breast ductography to estimate the tumor size and affection of the surrounding structures
  • Multi-slice CT and PET-CT to detect the metastases
  • Biopsy (Tru-Cut, aspirational etc.) including the puncture of the sentinel lymph nodes
  • Tumor markers detection, genetic mapping due to the burdened family anamnesis

What is the cost for the comprehensive diagnostics at Solingen Medical Center?

The cost of diagnostics depends on the certain case and the result of the preliminary examination (cell type of the tumor, data at the time of admission etc.), stage of the oncologic disease, recommendations of related experts, and the complications.

The cost of the breast cancer diagnostics varies from 2,700 to 4,500 USD. You can order the individual diagnostic program right now!

Methods of the breast cancer treatment in Solingen Hospital (Germany)

  • Sectoral resection of the mammary gland (stage 1a)
  • Radical mastectomy (gland with fiber)
  • Expanded mastectomy (breast muscles, gland, affected tissues)
  • Palliative surgeries to restore the lymphatic drainage, remove the affected lymph nodes, causing the pain
  • Chemotherapy, radiological affection on the tumor.

What is the rehabilitation after the treatment at Solingen Medical Center?

The rehabilitation includes several kinds of breast plastic surgery, part of which requires the full time stay in the hospital (i.e. breast auto-implants on leg etc.). Psychologic adaptation, following the mastectomy, is provided by rehabilitation doctor at Solingen.

What is the efficiency of the breast cancer treatment in Solingen Clinic?

The efficiency of the breast cancer treatment reaches 86%. This indicator goes over 95% for the stages 1a-2a.

Excellent 9.6
Timing of response 10
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 10
Excellent 9
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 9
The Asklepios group of hospitals - photo
322 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 322 patients received individual treatment program in The Asklepios group of hospitals

Why do the patients choose Asklepios for the treatment of breast cancer?

The Departments of surgical and oncological gynecology at Asklepios offer the patients the most modern minimally invasive methods for the treatment of breast cancer. The survival rates at the clinic are more than 90%.

Under the leadership of the famous German oncogynecologist Prof. Dr. Christhardt Kӧhler the clinic conducts oncotomy by means of all available opportunities to maintain the organs. The Department has the conditions which make the patient feel herself as a woman even in the hospital setting – comfortable single wards, a hairdresser and a psychologist for consultation and assistance.

What is the diagnostic procedure in German Hospital?

Among the main methods of diagnostics are:

  • manual palpation;
  • mammography;
  • biopsy (for the final confirmation of the diagnosis);
  • ultrasound, MRI and CT (if there is any slightest suspicion of metastasis).

Organ-preserving methods for breast cancer treatment in Asklepios Hospital

The main method for treatment is resection but with the application of its organ-preserving types - lumpectomy, quadrantectomy, subcutaneous mastectomy. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and target therapy are also actively used.

Rehabilitation in Asklepios Clinic

The physicians of the hospital treat with understanding all the problems faced by the woman after the operation. After resection you will be offered qualitative implants made of artificial materials or proper tissues. Special attention is drawn to psychological rehabilitation and mental support.

What is the cost of the treatment of breast cancer at the hospital Asklepios?

Your expenditures for the medical procedures and medicines will amount 22,000-25,000€. Ask the Bookimed consultant for the actual cost of the cancer treatment at Asklepios.

Excellent 9
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 9
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Why is Vivantes considered as one of the best clinics for the treatment of breast cancer in Europe?

In the network of German clinics oncology takes a special place. Both operating theaters and medical staff here are targeted on the treatment of breast cancer. Wherein 70% of breast cancer cases show that breasts can be saved by virtue of the reconstructive surgery methods. It is important that Vivantes specialists focus on the conservative operations.

With early detection of the oncological process at its early stage a 5-years remission is observed in 95% of cases.

Vivantes as one of the biggest clinics in Europe is an academic basis for Charité - University Medicine Berlin. Every year more than 60,000 patients trust their lives to the specialists of Vivantes.

Seven key methods for setting the precise diagnosis of breast cancer in Vivantes

Vivantes Clinic practice the following diagnostic methods:

  • Primary examination by oncologist to identify induration, secretions or other abnormalities;
  • Laboratory tests: biochemical and full blood count, identification of receptor sensitivity to progesterone, estrogen, the presence of HER2/NEU;
  • 3D mammography is breast examination method for the determination of precancerous conditions;
  • 3D ultrasound is a diagnostic method for the determination of localization and size of the tumor;
  • Galactography is an assessment of pathological nipple discharges;
  • Aerocystography for the identification of internal cystic pathology;
  • Laparoscopic minimally invasive biopsy followed by gistopathology provides 100% result in the confirmation of breast cancer.

Why do patients with breast cancer choose treatment in Vivantes?

The protocol of the therapy is designed by the group of specialists at the interdisciplinary council.

The most effective method of breast cancer treatment is the operative invasion:

  • laparoscopic tumorectomy or lumpectomy.

The methods allow to eradicate the malignancy completely within the healthy epithelium with the maximum preservation of the breast.

Vivantes also practices the treatment of difficult patients at late stages. In case of breast cancer at the 3rd-4s stages the total mastectomy may be conducted. To prevent psychological problems after the operation right after the removal, the patient is performed breast plastic reconstruction (optionally).

Oncomammologists of Vivantes practice the treatment of breast cancer with monoclonal antibodies, i.e. biotherapy. Such treatment is indicated for the patients with a special type of breast carcinoma, so it will be necessary to undergo cancer genotyping procedure.

The Clinic also applies modern chemotherapeutic agents. They use the innovative method which helps to minimize the side effect of the therapy, including hair loss. Simultaneously with intravenous drug administration the head is being cooled with the usage of special silicone system. Such an approach allows to reduce the amount of administered drug which goes directly into the hair follicle thereby protecting the hair from falling out.

Prices for breast cancer diagnostics and treatment in the German Clinic Vivantes

  • The initial price for diagnostic procedures for the detection of breast cancer starts from 950€;
  • The cost for the treatment of breast cancer starts from 1,900€;
  • You pay for the treatment directly to the Clinic without any intermediaries. Get your individual treatment program with the exact prices from the doctor-consultant of International Patients Support Center Bookimed right now!
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Why Helios Medical Center is considered one of the leading in oncologic diseases treatment in Germany?

Helios medical center is one of the leaders in Germany providing the treatment of oncologic diseases, such as:

  • Acute leukemia
  • Myeloma
  • Melanoma, i.e. skin cancer
  • Lymphogranulomatosis, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • Carcinoma
  • Sarcoma
  • Tumors in the nervous and endocrine systems
  • Breast cancer
  • Tumors in the digestive system

About 10 thousand patients go for diagnostics and get the treatment program at Helios Center of Oncology annually, while over 3 thousand get ambulatory treatment.

How do the experts operate at Helios Medical Center?

Professor Wolf-Dieter Ludwig manages Helios Center of Oncology, being the expert in diagnostics and treatment of various kinds of cancer and other oncologic pathologies. Qualified oncologists are among the Medical Center staff, having many years of work experience and applying the modern comprehensive methods of treatment.

What do the cancer diagnostics and treatment include?

Diagnostics at the early stages is able to increase significantly the treatment efficiency; therefore, Helios Medical Centers are fitted with all the required modern equipment for qualitative and precise examinations. The patient gets the required treatment when the diagnosis is put. Helios Center of Oncology provides the interdisciplinary therapy as well. The following diagnostic and treatment procedures are among standard ones:

  • Biochemical blood test + tumor markers testing
  • Biopsy
  • Surgery by Gamma Knife, Cyber Knife and robotic surgical system, i.e. the da Vinci etc.
  • Chemotherapy modern methods
  • Radiotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Bio and immunologic therapy

What is the cost for treatment for the foreign patients at Helios Medical Center?

The prices for cancer treatment in Germany are justified by the medicine level and the treatment efficiency. Every patient can pay for the medical services directly to the account of the Medical center with no commissions for agents by virtue of Bookimed service. You can order the treatment program including the pricing now!

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin - photo
1422 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 1422 patients received individual treatment program in Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Why do patients with breast cancer choose Charité Clinic for the treatment?

Charité is the only European hospital being staffed of such a big number of talented professionals, incl. Nobel Prize winners, awarded in the field of medicine.

About 10,000 women are provided here by qualified medical care of the highest level annually and about 3,000 patients have surgery.

Prof. Dr. med. Achim Schneider is the Head of the Department of Oncologic Gynecology at Charité, who is in the top of the best experts in the treatment of breast cancer in Europe. It is worth noting that psychologists as well as rehabilitation therapists, social workers, translators and representatives of various religions work with the patients if required.

What procedures are held for breast cancer treatment?

A thorough diagnostics is held before the breast cancer treatment at Charité:

  • mammary glands ultrasound and MRI;
  • blood testing on tumor markers;
  • examination of the mammary ducts by micro fiber optics (fibre optic ductoscopy);
  • mammographic screening;
  • chromosome analysis, revealing the modified genes;
  • biopsy incl. hystological and cytological diagnostics;
  • radionuclide diagnostics in case of cancer relapse, as well as diagnostic programs for persons at risk, in particular for carriers of abnormal genes BRCA1 and BRCA2.

What is the cost for breast cancer diagnostics at Charité Medical Center?

The total cost of diagnostics varies from 3,700 to 6,500 USD. You may get your personal treatment program with the exact prices right now!

What are the breast cancer treatment methods?

  • The radical tumorectomy, i.e. organ preserving surgery, is held in 2/3 of breast cancer treatment cases at Charité.
  • The total mastectomy, i.e. total removal of the affected mammary gland is held seldom (for large deep infiltrating cancers only).
  • The radiation therapy methods are applied before the surgery, in time of the surgery and/or afterwards (IORT, SBRT, IMRT, IGRT methods).
  • Such innovative methods as the Cyber knife, Nano knife and Rapid Arc are applied as well as the hormonal therapy and immunotherapy.
  • Several methods are applied for successful breast cancer treatment.

Charité Hospital is proud of its achievements in breast cancer treatment, when the 10-year survival rate is 87%.

Reviews (10)
Very attentive doctors, and sympathetic atmosphere))) My Ophthalmologist is just great, he worries about me as I am his daughter))) I can call any time and he will always explain everything))) I'm very, very happy!!! Good luck to you in choosing the clinic and the doctor who will help you to achieve the desired result!!! I was diagnosed and my... Read full review
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Medical Center of the University of Munich - photo
779 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 779 patients received individual treatment program in Medical Center of the University of Munich

Why is Munich University Hospital the leading center in breast cancer treatment?

The Munich University Hospital Mammary Gland Center is headed by the world-known Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Nadia Harbeck. When diagnosing the patients, the interdisciplinary consilium is held by breast cancer surgeons, radiologists, chemotherapists, immunologists etc. The 5-year survival rate increases up to 86% at the Hospital regardless of the stage of carcinoma. Besides that, this hospital provides more than 3,000 procedures and surgeries daily on breast patologies and cancer.

What are the diagnostic methods of breast cancer at Munich University Hospital?

The breast cancer diagnostics golden standard at Munich University Hospital includes:

  • Series of laboratory testing and surgical examinations (i.e. tumor markers laboratory testing, "breast carcinoma genes" chromosome testing (BRCA-1 and/or BRCA-2), 3D ultrasound scanning, 3D mammographic screening.

Besides that, there might be held:

  • MRI;
  • Fibreoptic ductoscopy (microfibre optics inspection of mammary gland ducts);
  • Laparoscopic minimal invasive biopsy followed by histological examination.

What is the cost of breast cancer diagnostics at Munich University Hospital?

The total cost varies from 3,500 to 7,000 USD. The examinations may be varied regardless the disease stage and ways of cancer spread. Clarify the price for treatment and diagnostic procedures costs on Bookimed website.

What are the breast cancer treatment methods at Munich University Hospital?

The following methods of the breast cancer treatment are applied at Munich University Hospital:

  • Surgical treatment of mammary gland cancer: radical breast lumpectomy, breast preserving surgery (held in 2/3 of cases followed by chemo and radiation therapy courses).
  • Radiation therapy: IORT method (i.e. intraoperative radiotherapy).
  • Hormonal treatment (held for 3/4 of patients).
  • Chemotherapy;
  • Biological treatment (held for 1/4 of patients, when detected the HER2-positive breast cancer).
Reviews (15)
My best friend was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach three years ago. He was operated on anyhow. They tried to cheat on drugs. When we asked them what was wrong with the stitches they said that he had only 2-3 days to live. Thus the sum for the operation and was no laughing matter. As a result he had an incisional hernia in his stitch. When... Read full review
The University Hospital in Dusseldorf - photo
346 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 346 patients received individual treatment program in The University Hospital in Dusseldorf

Why is Dusseldorf University Hospital one of the leading centers for the breast cancer treatment?

The treatment at Dusseldorf University Hospital guarantees its patients the modern medical care based on the innovative technologies, systematic and individual approach that allows to shorten the time significantly, nevertheless to increase the treatment efficiency, minimize the costs and other expenditures.

After the diagnosis the patients are discussed at the multidisciplinary medical council incl. breast disease surgeons, radiologists, chemotherapists, immunologists and other experts.

Over 500 primary carcinomas are treated here annually, while about 1000 radical and reconstructive breast surgeries are held.

What doctors are the experts in breast cancer treatment at Dusseldorf University Hospital?

Well-known all over Europe oncologist and gynecologist Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Janni provides here the consultancy both for German and European medical centers.

What are the diagnostic methods of breast cancer at Dusseldorf University Hospital?

There are the following breast cancer dignostic procedures:

  • laboratory tumor markers testing;
  • chromosome testing on breast carcinoma genes, i.e. BRCA-1 and/or BRCA-2;
  • 3D ultrasound;
  • 3D mammary gland screening.

Besides that, the diagnosis is clarified by MRI when the hearth pathology is detected. Fibreoptic ductoscopy is held to examine the mammary gland ducts. When the hearth neoplasms are suspected, the minimal invasive laparoscopic biopsy is held followed by hystological examination.

What is the cost for breast cancer diagnostics at Dusseldorf University Hospital?

The total costs varies from 4,000 to 7,000 USD.

What are the breast cancer treatment methods at Dusseldorf University Hospital?

The main breast cancer treatment methods are the following:

  • systematic conservative therapy, i.e. hormonal, chemo and immunotherapy;
  • radiotherapy, incl. IORT;
  • surgery (organ preserving surgeries, mastectomy, biopsy of sentinel lymph nodes).

How looks the reahibilitation after breast cancer treatment at Dusseldorf University Hospital?

The rehabilitation objective is consolidation of the treatment results, aesthetic breast reconstruction, psychologic issues resolving and women lifestyle improvement. The patients after the total mastectomy held in 1/3 of cases, require the rehabilitation more. The most complicated cases happen when the breast arthroplasty is postponed due to medical evidence.

Reviews (8)
I worked at the company with constant contact with chemicals. When I got my diagnoses, there was no hope for recovery or living further. Then my daughter sectretly sent my test results to Düsseldorf University Hospital. They were quickly ready to help us. The surgery was successful. I did not expect my case to operable. Thank you for my life,... Read full review
University Clinic in Freiburg - photo
259 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 259 patients received individual treatment program in University Clinic in Freiburg
The University Medical Center Freiburg is the German teaching hospital famous for its history and authority.
Reviews (10)
My ears have been chink in my armour since childhood. When I was diagnosed with otitis, I wanted to get treatment in a cozy and comfortable place. I was looking for something inexpensive and suitable for me. The fact that I also know German very well was taken into consideration. So I chose the Medical Center- University of Freiburg. I was fine... Read full review
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Dortmund Clinic - photo
73 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 73 patients received individual treatment program in Dortmund Clinic
Dortmund Hospital has a good reputation in Europe, where employs the best specialists and statistics of convalescence shows excellent results annually.
Reviews (14)
I know inflammation of adenoids is not so uncommon. But I was very worried about my child. When the question about the surgery came up, I immediately decided to do it at the Dortmund Clinic. My good friend’s son was also operated on there with the same diagnosis. In fact, she recommended the Clinic to me and told me about the procedure. I would... Read full review
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