Treatment in Estonia

Thanks to Bookimed 732 patients received free treatment program in Estonia

Advantages of treatment in Estonia

Development and implementation of advanced technologies. The unique lab where scientists are growing and manipulating stem cells is based in Estonia

Competence of Medical staff. Once every 5 years all the doctors and nurses must provide the results of their participation in conferences, workshops, trainings etc. to confirm the qualifications. Overall Rating should be 300 points and more (1 point = 1 hour)

No language barriers. Most of the doctors speak English, Russian and Finnish so there will be no communication difficulties between the patient and medical staff. All medical documents can also be translated into any of these languages


There is a large number of narrow-profile clinics combined into a single medical centers in Estonia. It allows patients with different diseases to receive high-quality care. In addition to traditional directions of treatment we should note the presence of:

Centers for children and adults with disabilities. Clinics not only provide support of daily activities but also assist patients in their work, study, physical and spiritual development

Nuclear medicine. Nuclear medicine tests are able to identify medical conditions earlier than is possible with other radiology tests. This means that treatment for illnesses can start in their early stages and lets doctors assess and affect better the progress of the disease

Best clinics of Estonia by cities

312 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 312 patients received individual treatment program in Tartu University Hospital
Description Services prices
Prices on services of the clinic
Adjustable gastric band from 4000$
Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery from 26000$
The Tartu University Medical Clinic is the biggest supplier of medical services in Estonia. 
  The North-Estonia Regional Hospital – is the biggest medical institution in the whole capital – Tallin. 
Reviews (12)
We got to Regional Hospital of North Estonia when we were treating our daughter from leukemia. Thanks to all clinic staff who were directly involved in the treatment of our daughter, and did not let us give up. After the treatment, our girl feels much better. In the future we’ll come to you for the diagnostics. Thanks again.
The Ida-Tallin Central Hospital is the biggest modern medical institution in the capital of Estonia.
The Laane-Tallin Central Hospital sees its mission in client-orientation. 
Reviews (11)
I study in the Theatrical Institute, that’s why it is important for me to look good. I did not like rash near my left ear. It was big and spoiled the whole look. In addition, it was very itchy. When I found out it had to be treated immediately, I went to Laane- Tallinn hospital. I was satisfied. Professional doctors and friendly staff. Everything... Read full review
The private clinic of obstetrics, gynecology and infertility treatment “Elite” is the biggest private clinic in Estonia.
Still undecided? Get a second opinion program in specialized clinics.
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