Treatment of scoliosis in Czech Republic

We`ve found 4 specialized clinics for private treatment of scoliosis
Using Bookimed, 230 patients received individual program for treatment of scoliosis
Excellent 9.2
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 9
Clinic Malvazinky - photo
104 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 104 patients received individual treatment program in Clinic Malvazinky
Price level - low prices
Speed of response - 5-14 days
Nearest hotels
Clinic Malvazinky is considered as the best medical center in the Czech Republic and is listed among advanced institutions of such profile in Europe. It has passed the accreditation of SAK commission (the Czech analogue of American JCI) and offers a wide spectrum of medical services which completely meet the highest standards. Clinic Malvazinky is doing its best to provide the most convenient conditions for the patients. It has a hydrotherapy room, a fitness center, a swimming pool and other facilities.
1st Prague Private Clinic - photo
152 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 152 patients received individual treatment program in 1st Prague Private Clinic
Price level - medium prices
Speed of response - 5-14 days
Nearest hotels
1st Prague Private Clinic is an ultramodern unique private hospital located in the Czech Republic. The center of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation uses the latest achievements in medical sphere to provide its patients with a consistently high level of services and effective treatment. It is famous for its efficient diagnostics techniques which help to indicate and prevent various diseases on their early phases.
Reviews (13)
My legs had ached for quite a long time. I especially reacted to the weather changes. Sport has left his indelible mark on my health. After consulting the doctor, he came to the conclusion that the knee replacement is a must. My doctor advised the first private clinic in Prague to me, saying that everything would be made with a high quality and... Read full review
Review on knee replacement in Czech Republic
Nemocnice Na Homolce  - photo
Price level - medium prices
Speed of response - 5-14 days
Nemocnice Na Homoloce is a multidisciplinary Hospital of state ownership in Prague. The Clinic is fairly considered as one of the main medical institutions in the country. Cardiovascular diseases, brain disorders and neurosurgery compose an unexhausted list of its expertise. Na Homolce Hospital actively prefers minimally invasive and robotic methods of treatment. Its personnel accounts for 1,800 employees.
Reviews (11)
As a child I was engaged in gymnastics, and the threat to lose my motor activity was very traumatic. I began to withdraw into myself, until my husband sent me to the hospital called "Na Homolce." After spending some time testing, I was offered to replace the left knee joint with an implant. The operation was successful, but my long rehabilitation... Read full review
 St. Zdislava Hospital - photo
Price level - low prices
Speed of response - 2-5 days
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