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Heart Center Dresden University Hospital
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37 patients have already received for free the cost of the treatment and the program

Heart Center Dresden University Hospital

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Bookimed is the best portal for choosing of European clinics where you can receive cardiac treatment, Heart Center that posted on the portal among them, it located on Dresden University Hospital. Today, this medical institution had the first place in Europe for the treatment of diseases of the heart, that’s why  Bookimed recommend it.
Every year in the cardiology center treated about 9,000 patients of the hospital and 13,000 outpatients. Center includes all directions of cardiology:

Heart Center of Dresden University Hospital  marked by certification Center and the Center for a heart transplant treatment of chest pain. Department of heart surgery combines several profile clinics whose activities can be described in numbers:

In the department of coronary artery bypass grafting using traditional drug therapy, combining it with balloon dilation of blood vessels. Coronary artery bypass surgery is performed in several surgical techniques with minimal intervention (a left lateral thoracotomy) and full medium sternotomy.
Department of heart valves surgery performs sparing reconstructive surgeries, during which function of valve is recovered without artificial material. In the case where replacement of valves is necessary, prosthetic performs using plastic prosthesis or prosthesis of organic materials. A significant advantage of such operations is that patient does not need  to take anticoagulants regularly.

Surgery of annuloplasty prevents recurrence of heart valve insufficiency, which may occur with time and age. For older patients and those who already had operation on the heart, department performs a unique surgery for transcatheter aortic valve implantation. Heart replacement occurs without necessary the heart stops beating, so the surgery is performed in less than one hour and minimized complications and risks.
Following departments are working at department of cardiology:

Department of Cardiology and Internal Medicine specializes in cardiovascular pathologies of varies types. Specialists of cardiology  may to treat patients with non-serious illnesses and take patients in critical condition.

Department of invasive electrophysiology is specializing :

Medical Services of institution of Cardiac Anesthesiology include monitoring of cardiac surgery by the important factors. The institute used:

All operations and procedures are performed at the Cardiology Center of the University Hospital of Dresden, adapted to the latest international achievements of medical research. Clinic staff regularly improve their knowledge and reach all the best results. For cardiac treatment Bookimed recommends this center as an advanced institution where the heart is beating better. You can book Heart Center on our website now.

Location of the clinic on the map (Germany, Dresden)

Heart Center Dresden University Hospital

Heart Center Dresden University Hospital  is an innovative system for cardiac patients that offers full range of services for treatment and diagnostics.
37 patients have already received the cost of the treatment and the program
Using Bookimed, 37 patients received individual treatment program in Heart Center Dresden University Hospital
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Heart Center Dresden University Hospital
  • Heart Center Dresden University Hospital

  • Heart Center Dresden University Hospital

  • Heart Center Dresden University Hospital

  • Heart Center Dresden University Hospital

  • Heart Center Dresden University Hospital

Heart Surgery
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