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Clinic Nordwest
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Clinic Nordwest

139 bookings
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Clinic Nordwest is a modern and multiprofile medical institution of higher category that located in Frankfurt am Main.In addition to medical measures, clinical leads academic activities on the basis of the University of Frankfurt Goethe. Medical clinic Nordwest is well known outside Germany, patients from many countries of Europe and the world come for help there.

Today there are three research institutes (radiology, pathology and laboratory medicine) and ten specialized clinics that offer their services for diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of many different diseases are functioning at clinic Nordwest.

Besides providing medical care of the highest level, Nordwest Clinic collaborates with many leading medical centers and clinics around the world. This fact contributes to exchange of experience, participation in collaboration of leading specialists in various areas, as well as the development of advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment of many diseases.

There are various research centers, including the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM), and the Society for the promotion of quality assurance in medical laboratories (INSTAND eV) on the basis of the University of Frankfurt Goethe. These departments takes part actively in the implementation of state programs in the field of infectious and immunological diagnostics of bacterial pathogens.

Thanks to the quality of services, medical clinic Nordwest has excellent reputation for advanced medical institution not only in Germany but also in the world. Every year many thousands of patients make their choice in favor of the clinic Nordwest.
Bookimed medical portal taking care of your health recommends Nordwest hospital as exemplary medical institution with the highest quality care to patients from all over the world.

Specialization of medical departments:

Location of the clinic on the map (Germany, Frankfurt)

Clinic Nordwest

Clinic Nordwest is a modern and multiprofile medical institution of higher category that located in Frankfurt am Main.
139 patients have already received the cost of the treatment and the program
Using Bookimed, 139 patients received individual treatment program in Clinic Nordwest
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Clinic Nordwest
  • Clinic Nordwest

  • Clinic Nordwest

  • Clinic Nordwest

  • Clinic Nordwest

  • Clinic Nordwest

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Heart Surgery
Weight Loss Surgery
Orthopedics and Traumatology
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Reviews of the clinic"s patients


Christoph Rangger
Experience: 25 years
Eckhart Weidmann
Experience: 28 years
Eduard Becht
Experience: 25 years
Elke Jaeger
Experience: 31 years
Jörg B. Engel
Experience: 15 years
Siegbert Rossol
Experience: 30 years
Stephan Kissler
Experience: 23 years
Thomas W Kraus
Experience: 30 years
Uta Meyding-Lamade
Experience: 25 years
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